Chewed up Grass verge

Is any space good for parking?

Are you fed up with seeing a Grass Verge with a Car parked on it?

Here in Fulbridge Road Werrington if i had  £1.00 for every time a Local resident conversation starts with ………..What can be done about cars parking where they shouldn’t .

Picture this if you can, i dare say some amongst you know exactly the scenario.

Grass verges are being destroyed by parked cars.

Is your Council Tax going towards the repair ?

Does this look of chewed up grass verge give you the Kerb appeal you want?

The Council is always asking for ideas how to tackle this and other problems, After being told at a Previous Full Council Meeting this road is not unique with this problem, i asked why PCSO’s are not allowed to issue Fixed Penalty Notices after a initial warning as been served if your car is parked on a grass verge that is (Council property) a notice could be served.

I was advised that a Working Group would be formed to debate this concern, Interestingly in Cambridge the PCSO’s and Police can issue notices to this affect, Do You Think Local Authorities should follow suit?

Failing that why not put large aggregate stones onto identified areas to prevent car owners parking their cars where they like? Not only is this a initiative that doesn’t cost the council £££££££££  less on repairs, and will stop the churning up the grass, think of the pounds it could also save the council   the cost of having the site managed with Ride on Lawn Mowers by using a Industrial powered grass strimmer.IMG_5775


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