Children’s Park Not Safe

Great space but not very child/ren user friendly the Gunthorpe Recreational Park, commonly known as the John Clare Rec could do with a makeover and much needed TLC.

Children’s apparatus is faulty, some equipment as a security fence all around it to keep the children out/off it this park as been in a tired state for years, the park could do with much needed maintenance

Some equipment is not even their, Stolen? Gone removed for repairs who knows? Is a decent children’s playground not needed? According to local parents their children are bored when they attend , “We would love a park that is exciting and look what we have the ground is uneven too”

Their are no seats for parents, carers, guardians to support their child/ren.

Does this suggest to you, that this site is a recreational park that is Safe for children ? Your response should be No.


The Assault apparatus is damaged which if used in its current state would cause injury to a child.

Would you like to this this park benefit from a makeover, refurbishment?

I have forwarded a email to Peterborough City Council to report my findings.

Surely are children and the community  deserve a play area that is Fun, Vibrant, Modern, and something to capture the imagination of a child.


Please contact me with your views. IMG_0503

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