Windrush Scandal

The journey that was difficult in 1948 and still is today in 2021.

The Home Office as painfully created, Trauma and Anxiety and is responsible for the 12 Deaths that as happened since.

so let’s go through the Wendy Williams Learnt report and look at 5 of her findings from the report. Race: Institutional ignorance towards race.

Process: Poor institutional memory and slow to act. Culture: Defensive lack of empathy not open to scrutiny. Structure: Lack of support, target dominated, lack of staff diversity. In comparison to what the Home Office thinks is right Public Trust ? No

Home Office is representative of wider society ? No

Staff feel safe to challenge and Ministers feel supported ? Clearly this was a issue previously.

Open to external voices and ideas for improvement?

No, all ideas are sourced yet the Home Office do not implement them and when they do it is not recognised they came from grassroots organisations.

Robust but Inclusive policy and case working process ?

No, claimants have been in the process some longer than 2 years and the back log of cases are still not satisfied, creating further unnecessary delays proving ill health and in some cases DEATH.

When will this Government and the Home Office, right the wrongs and learn from the past.

The Home Office as failed structurally within the organisation to carry out what the recommendations suggested to do.

The home office even after having Training on the the Windrush Generation they still have not demonstrated a clear policy that ensures all claims coming through will be processed with a time scale that does not exceed two years.

Can you imagine the impact of a institution’s policy that does not consider any areas of their failings and does not take account of its hostile policy within the staff at the Home Office.

The Home Office as perpetually failed to carry out Equality Duties on policies affecting the Windrush Generation.

The Home Office is now saying one of the 5 themes are close and that’s one of the most Important to say Sorry it’s no good saying that to stakeholders and OGD’s.

How can that be closed or does a official cringe everytime he or she as to apologise to those officials that can perhaps shake the department into shape. The Home Office have spoke about being determine to support the Windrush Generation and Decendents yet have failed on a staggering level.

The Home Office talks about the £32million paid or being paid as if that figure is clearly in bod font as if to say look that’s a lot of money the amount paid is £25 million.

13,000 individuals have received documentation confirming their British Citizenship the majority from the Windrush Generation was a British Citizen yet the have completely overlooked that fact.

And did not take into account the History of Migration which gave president to the Hostile Policies of the Home Office. Yes no one will disagree with the Home Office wanting identify with those who are illegal and that is to identified and measured against the legislation in place. The Home Office as not yet addressed it’s failings from within.

Windrush Generation and Descendent’s are calling for a WINDRUSH ACT to protect them against a system that’s as failed.

Where their is proof that Staff at the Home Office as implemented poor governance they they like any other business should be issued with a public notice and a fine for irregularities within their practice.


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