Mixed Emotions


Mixed, I now understand, is an insult, Things are mixed, ingredients are drinks in a cocktail not people.

Population mixture has been around for hundreds of years, Calling people mixed erases the history of Race in the UK and America.

What drives my antagonism is that people are saying, We’re the new, we’re different, We are the answer to race problems around the world

The history of race and the weight of science, some might say according to the


Pure races, in the sense of genetically homogenous populations, do not exist in the human species today nor is there any evidence that they have ever existed in the past.

Discussions of “mixed-ness “ are even trickier, because they inherently rely on cultural , not scientific, understandings of race.

61 percent of adults with a mixed racial background don’t consider themselves multiracial. Lots of people adjust how they describe themselves according to the situation.

Now Joan and I have the luxury of caring less what people’s perceived notions are , to what I am, I am me.

What it means to me is to be connected to two worlds at once, and how society perceives that condition, this has sparked a discussion on our presentation, forum on Diversity, it’s not a subject, topic people usually talk about.

Discrimination persists, this is why myself and Joan Joan want to help people understand the different points of view, and our different experiences.

We celebrate the benefit of being able to flit between cultures while embracing both.

I was unique and treated differently to those with straight hair, light eyes, which led me to have a fascination with green eyes, why wasn’t my eyes green?

Yet I adore my brown eyes because that’s me.

Which leads me nicely into the Sociology of Race and Ethnicity


I claim my Black Heritage, so who dares to question my choice of Ethnicity? It is High time we learn about Race and Ethnicity, so we can avoid prejudice.

In the UK I have heard the term a Mixed Pot this does not stand really we are realistically, a Salad Bowl of Cultures that makes us great as a Nation, Ironically, It is our Diversity which some Leaders Politicians use, to keep dividing us, and tearing us apart.

Why not Celebrate our DIVERSITY and move from TOLERANCE to ACCEPTANCE.

I can’t change how you see me, or what your perception is of me

We perhaps hold some magical ideology that we are different but that is subject to those who identify us as that.

But what we are saying is we won’t be defined by mixed heritage but be defined by our character which is one of Love and Compassion for all we meet and become long life friends with.

And I would now ask WHO ARE YOU?


2 thoughts on “Mixed Emotions

  1. A very well written essay. I avoid speaking on race to those of dual heritage as I don’t want the conversation to get messy or dredge up uncomfortable feelings.
    However the conversation is needed so we can move past this and start looking at people’s characters and judge them by their actions

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