I’d like to invite you all to request in recognition to the legacy and memory of two Black Leaders 
Firstly affectionately known as Mama Edwards 1932 – 2021 Manchester’s Black Female Activist and Hero in my eyes and others. ( As a proud proud born and bread Mancunian ) – Manchester firmly in Moss-Side you could not, know who Mamma Edwards was and what she stood for and for the many, the Community which she served right up to the end of her life.

Let me draw your attention too Just a few of her Mamma Edwards achievements : African Caribbean Mental Health Project.Nia Centre Identified the Struggle against Inequality and Racism. She was instrumental and a Pioneer in Black Culture. Whilst developing community resources in Moss Side Roots Ephemera Abasindi Nia 
She was awarded the MBE for her contribution She went on to be Nominated has an African Chieftancy by the community of Manchester which was bestowed by the Nigerian Organisation at the British Council.

Paulette Wilson 1956 – 2020 
Was a British Activist – Immigrants Rights  Instrumental in – Human Rights Violations of the Windrush Scandal Prominent Campaigner for Windrush Threatened with Deportation Fondly described by many as a “ Precious Gem” 
These two brave women pioneers of their time have contributed  so much by ,Raising Awareness for African-Caribbean Culture and Race Disparities.

 Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. 

It would be a great honour to have aCommemorative Plaque in Memory of their Courage, Contribution, in acknowledgement of Recognition of Britain wouldn’t be the place it is today without Shero’s and Hero’s and the contribution of Black People to Defence, Economy, Health, Sport, Politics, Campaigning, Activists. 
We are in a era of Healing, Bridging that Gap that continues to divide us this would be a much welcomed initiative in creating Positive change to our local areas, perspective cities. 
I am a Resident of Peterborough a Ex Civil Servant of 7.5yrs 2012 – 2019 Founder of Peterborough Windrush Generation and Descendants U.K. 2019- Chair of TTIP Health and Welfare Lead Preston Generation and Descendants U.K. Having had the Windrush Standard raised in Peterborough 22 June 2019 ( 72 years to long) Again  Civic Ceremony on 6th October Black History month. 
I decided to share what started as a letter to the Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham along with the Mayor of Peterborough Gul Nawaz and the CEO of Peterborough City Council Gillian Beasley to identify in commemoration of two very instrumental individuals who was pioneers as Black Women who ran grassroots campaigns out of Manchester and Wolverhampton.

I have never been into Superheroes, that said i could have left this as a letter for the attention of those it was aimed for, I decided to attract the attention of a wider audience to enable me to make it possible for a Plaque to be commissioned in honour of two women that as shaped me to the woman i am today

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. ( Think about this a few moments and read again).

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. 


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