Windrush adviser criticises Home Office

Martin Forde the architect of the WINDRUSH COMPENSATION SCHEME

Has described how the Home Office as ignored key aspects of the Scheme citing his advice and implementation.

He also stated the long delays ……….

The compensation payments should be more generous

He said he had urged the Home Office to take a “light touch” approach to the amount of documentary evidence that claimants were required to produce in order to corroborate their compensation claims, and acknowledged that this light touch had not materialised.

But he defended the scheme against wider accusations of delays, arguing that expectations had been mismanaged and that many compensation schemes routinely took 18 months to process claims.

Why is the Home Office still not adopting the recommendations from the Wendy Williams report the Home Office is not listening or effectively communicating with the applicants currently in the process further creating the distrust from the Windrush Generation and Decendents claimants

Furthermore the different teir system which as resulted in claims not being processed quickly or reflective amounts not in line with IMPACT OF LIFE.

The home affairs select committee heard from legal advisers helping people affected by the Windrush scandal that claimants were being asked to provide unreasonably high levels of documentary evidence to convince Home Office staff to make appropriate payments. Which the home office based on the data are failing to do.

Following the end of November, just £2.2m had been paid out to 226 claimants, from a compensation pot originally expected to pay out more than £200m to as many as 15,000 people.

To date their as been 9 DEATHS Claimants which was the result of the Hostile Environment within the Home Office.

It was proving particularly difficult for claimants to prove that their experiences had had a negative impact on their lives, one of the headings under which payments can be made.

The Home Office’s misclassification of thousands of legal UK residents as illegal immigrants meant some people were wrongly deported, with no access to Lawyers to Health services others were mistakenly held in immigration detention centres, and many victims lost jobs by the Govt incorrect information which employers implemented by ending employees, employment, this doing so finding that they could not access Department of Works and Pensions due to the system affectively saying they was foreign immigrants no access to housing.

The anxiety, the disparity, the trauma and depression of the debacle, as seen organisations Preston Windrush Generation and Decendents being contacted by families of victims, and victims for support, advice, information, doing the job that the Home Office as failed to do.

Is the Home office taking advantage of the Windrush Scandal to deport people under the scheme ?

Why is the Home Office adopting a hostile policy “ Low Hanging Fruit” not adhering to the Human Rights Act, The aggravating Racial Profiling, resulting to 13 out of scheduled 50 deportees being deported back to Jamaica if that’s hostile I don’t know what else is.


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