What we still don’t know about the Pfizer vaccine

Britain has become the first country in the world to approve the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

To be administered any day now. A decision as been made possible curtesy of HMRA ( human medicines regulations agency 2012

I have had good reason to be cautious at the speed of that decision.

Berkeley Phillips medical director of Pfizer but have the data been properly read it. And have all the necessary regulatory details fully explored.

The beginning of this week the Health Minister and Boris Johnson announced the CV-19 vaccine will be administered in the U.K.

Phillips as said, it will work on any problems associated with the roll out. ( Are they playing Russian roulette with our lives ?

Their are two important issues to my mind ! First – Whilst the vaccine can provide immunity against Covid -19 for the person who has had the vaccine administered.

As it been confirmed the vaccine stops someone transmitting the virus to others.

Do we know how long immunity will last?

Let’s not forget Phase 3 trials which begun in July have not been able to study that very important factor long enough or the impact of the vaccine or the effects of it. So we who are to the guinea pigs or the accepting participants to be monitored over the next two to three years in which case the MHRA will have more accurate info data to be more accurate.

Now this is where alarm bells are going off for me they are saying the vaccine involves two shots to be administered or only once or is it to become a booster like the Tetnus or be vaccinated annually ?

Final thought various groups are to be vaccinated first starting with all front line and nursing professionals, Elderly next in care homes, carers and Elderly in the community, and then health related persons then rolled out to the U.K. population at this rate hopefully 5 years in if we are to believe the vaccine is safe their should be sufficient studies to confirm that said remember the case

Pfizer lawsuit ( re Nigeria

The parties agreed to a settlement figure $75 million .

I’m not convinced !!


One thought on “What we still don’t know about the Pfizer vaccine

  1. I am of the opinion that no one actually knows what the long term effects of the vaccines will have on the populace, there was just not enough time to evaluate this drug . Strangely the economic recovery which will obviously be dependant on the working community will have to wait maybe for some time for the vaccine, mean while some of our senior citizens will be first in the queue, are they becoming a part of the long term trial for any side effects. This could be another thalidomide problem in the making

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