Is it not time to provide Legislative Certainty ?

Is it not time to provide Legislative Certainty and Protection for those who came to the U.K. as Children #Windrush

#50Jamaicans are to be deported 2nd December. Ministers response demonstrates clearly No lessons Nothing learned from the #Windrush Scandal.

Why are these chartered flights done in secrecy? Where is the evidence that all those being Deported does not meet the Windrush criteria. Can the Home Office produce evidence and Transparency that every aspect as been monitored and recorded as such?

The handling of the Home Office track record is one of distrust the MP have failed to implement the protection of those being considered to be on this chartered Flight

How can the Minister State that those with sentences as low as 12 months are included in this decision to Detain and Deport including those who have grown up in the U.K. that is proof this is #HostileEnviroment

How is this not #Windrush this is Racial Profiling this is a #ThisIsAStain on this Tory Government.


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