#50 Deportees Chartered Flight 2nd December 2020 Home Office

Jamaicans who came to UK as children will be left off deportation flight

Home Office quietly agrees deal with Jamaica amid outcry over charter plane

Home Office charter flights are a common way to remove those classed as having no right to remain, including due to certain serious criminal convictions. The last charter flight to Jamaica was in February; many others due to fly had their deportation halted at the 11th hour due to legal action.

How can this be happening when the U.K. are on High Alert different Teir stages due to Covid 19 Pandemic the U.K. Government has grounded all flights ( only exception of work ) Why is the Home Office secretly going ahead with secret deals behind closed doors allowing Charter flights to Jamaica knowing the Threat to people’s safety this is particularly controversial because of the WINDRUSH SCANDAL some earmarked for deportation came to the UK as children and had families there. And have been here in the U.K. for a number of years. I have written to MP’s, MP Paul Bristow also to the Home Office and not only to the Bishop of Peterborough also to the Bishop of Birmingham requesting that the Hostile Environment Polices being conducted by the Home Office is to be reviewed and request that the Windrush Compensation Scheme is to be removed from the Home Office and that MP Priti Patel is asked to give a explanation as to why she is allowing this Policy by the Home Office to go through without identifying the Legislation on Human Rights or is she frowning the Law and the recommendations set on out in the “ Lessons Learned “ Wendy Williams Report.


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