Safety Fencing Damaged John Clare Rec

Easter weekend,  vandals at John Clare Recreational Park caused damage to secure Fencing around a Play Equipment for children. This was installed to prevent harm to child/ren.

A Inspection was carried out some time ago approximately 8 months ago, the decision taken to have the security fence installed was to prevent harm or injury to minors, and to safeguard any children wanting play on this item.

Sadly over the weekend  some person/s took it upon themselves to force entry to gain access to the slide  which now thanks to someone’s  mindless actions, i hope does not  have cause to a child being injured.

I have reported this incident to Amey and to James Collingridge at Peterborough City Council  who will be taking protective measures as soon as possible.

Can i ask all parents, guardians, carers of children not to let any minors play on this equipment it is OUT OF ACTION Until further notice.

If you saw anything suspicious on sat late evening to Sunday morning please do let me know,. IMG_0503 (1)


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