Anti- Social behaviour

Antisocial behaviour covers a broad range of issues, everyday incidents and situations like  noise nuisance, neighbours rowing, rubbish dumping in communal areas.

Violence, damage to others property, verbal and abusive behaviour. Any activity that causes harassment to a tenant or individual in the community they reside in, Derwent Drive, and  Avon Court ( shared block separates by street name) have had years of such behaviour.

So what are the policies  or procedures for Crosskeys Housing Association i do believe they do have them, if after Incident  Diaries are requested to be completed. What real Help is being provided to long suffering tenants for cross keys to implement a Action Plan in resolving the issue?

Is it acceptable to have white goods to be discarded in the street, or tenants windows to be smashed or the electrical supply tampered with to enable non residential tenants to access the building.

The Police have been contacted, is this type of behaviour not serious enough to have something done about it, two local residents have contacted me, desperate to seek support and i use the term loosely ” Help Please


I have reported this to the Peterborough City Council Director along with a officer at CrossKeys Housing Association.

If you have any similarities to this or have experienced this type of Anti Social behaviour, leave a comment.



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