Fly Tipping

This type of criminal activity can and is having a adverse effect on the local community at Gunthorpe.

Local residents are upset with constant household furniture just being dumped at the corner of the road on grassed area belonging to the council.

No attempts are being made to have the items collected, which  randomly can be  found propped against a wall not only is this unsightly it can be  hazardous if set a light.

Local residents have expressed they don’t want in in their area seeing furniture cluttering their street is embarrassing.

The Trial Bulky Waste collection for Free is still on going, however as yet the Trial is yet to come to Gunthorpe Ward  i have requested from Amey when they intend to do so. IMG_6049

Fly Tipping is a Real Problem i have reported this to the Peterborough City Council for Collection and EntPeterborough for the attention of Amey the refuse team for collection.

Please let me know if you have a problem with Fly Tipping around the ward.


Please leave your comments below.


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