Health Issues In The Community

A meeting yesterday  evening with Dr Liz Robin ( Director of Public Health) at Peterborough City Council also attended with colleague Darren Fower.

I reported a incident in Jan regarding a person leaving bodily waste material in cans, bottles, carrier bags.

I reported to Peterborough City Council, to make some enquires as to why the person was doing this, ” A cry for Help” is what i suggested, at the time i was not aware of Mental Health surrounding this person.

My concern,  if this type of waste is not properly managed, especially excreta and other liquids and solid waste the material left in a public space is a serious Health Hazard that could lead to the spread of infectious diseases. Id like to think by today’s standards the risks are minimum, or the Occupational hazards associated with waste handling.   the request to have my question asked at the Last Full Council Meeting in Jan was not to discuss the person, but to draw attention to their plight. ( That is what i was doing as a elected member on behalf of the Public) and to determine if the person was being supported by the services, or agencies, my question clearly caused a cabinet member Councillor Seaton  to say ” I am writing to tell you how appalled i am that you should publicise this individuals mental health issues at Full Council  Such an act can only therefore serve to make things worse not better.”

Because of this enquiry it was arranged for me to meet with Dr Robin to clarify if she could if this was a case of Mental Health, the outcome still requires further investigations, subject to confidentiality, on a need to know basis, however during the meeting i have requested that a link be added to My Peterborough App or something similar to enable councillors to report a incident that we face sadly more frequently in the community to flag up a concern or incident, which can be proactively be monitored correctly, are services, Housing Associations and the Police are dealing with more and more cases similar to this, as a active councillor i am bringing this to the attention of our officers, so we can best serve our community in a effective manner.

Positives are Dr Liz Robin is going to look at introducing training awareness for councillors, she also provided a link http://www.keepYour  or dial 111 option 2 (  Mental Health First Response Service) ; I would have hoped this is a FREEPHONE SERVICE  out of hours service sadly it is not,  Tel: 08088082121 everydayIMG_5845, including weekends , from 7pm-11pm 

Which can be a useful tool to help, advise, provide contact to various agencies recently funded programme so Use It Or Lose It. 

Jointly rolled out by Peterborough and Cambridge Authorities.



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