A decade of Lies

In Ten years the Peterborough City Council has failed miserably to tackle the ongoing issues with “Fly Tipping at Norwood Lane which now is part of our ward due to  the boundary.

The cost of regular site clearance is at a staggering £57,000 and climbing, only seeing the lane partially cleared, I have lost count the numerous times i have done a site visit and listened to the concerns of the residents 50 of the units at the site.

In as many days a Health Visitor has contacted me raising further concerns regarding the unpassible lane, her car has been damaged, one way in one way out trying to do a visit to a child requiring ongoing long term medical support (oxygen cylinders).

The site is over populated added more anxiety to the situation and residents at Norwood Lane are understandably very concern. I have visited with colleague Darren Fower, also did a TV interview with Fiona Onasanya MP to raise awareness of the situation that has been long overlooked.

Meetings have been held with Directors Simon Machen, Adrian Chapman, and Prevention And Enforcement officer Rob Hill, along with Cllr D Fower, in that meeting i asked for support, funds to carry out repairs to the site such as adequate lighting etc, Pot Holes that require immediate attention to the lane, from that meeting i was promised a further meeting would take place with CMT to look at  funds to  be sourced.

Latest news to come from the MP is that the council is proposing to fund £125,000 but  is this another delay, I was told by the directors their was no money available in the existing budget but April 2018 budget phase 2 could provide some definitive answers?

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