New to ParentPay ?


Are you like me,  what is this ?

In a attempt to remove all Cash and Cheques from school some schools are asking all Parents to only use a e-payment method to pay for Dinner Money and Trips. This process can be done on line using a secure website called ParentPay. 

Is this secure website a Free service? What about those Parents who cannot afford the Internet ? 

Already have a ParentPay Account ? 

Either with a school or another ParentPay School simply login to that account add your child/ren via the ADD A Child tab on your home page.

You will need  activation Username and Password to do this

Please visit 

Is this suitable for you as a parent, How does ParentPay help the School ?  

Have you had any problems with this?

Does this work for you?

Please add any comments ……


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