Dog Bite in Werrington



IMG_5105Another Dog Bite incident as taken place locally, the Mum did not approach the Dog, 

The Dog jumped up and bit her from behind. The Incident was reported to the Dog Warden.

 I have raised this concern which is on the increase to Cllr Walsh at Full Council and since then a meeting was arranged to discuss the matter further, with Cllr Walsh and Rob Hill and a local resident. 
I have provided some information  “FIDO Law “ which is to be included into New Legislation soon to be made Public awaiting to be issued.
This very important information will be available to the Public and enable Do’s & Dont’s  via a link to  Peterborough City Council ( Where to go to REPORT a incident , to include Ward Cllrs the Public, Dog Warden, Ecops and Veterinary Practices and the Police.
Finally it is imperative that the owners of the offending Dog is identified a Incident  No: is retained from the Police and reported to Peterborough City Council and I would also suggest when reported to the Local Dog Warden a copy of the Incident Report is also retained ( to source whether the Dog is known ) if skin Contact is broken this is legally a reportable Crime and should be Investigated.
I am very keen to get this knowledge out.

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